There are over 10,000 hot pot brand stores.
Export Beihai cuisine from more than 20 countries including Europe and America.
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  • Braised pork in brown sauce

    Finger sucking is delicious and necessary for dry rice

  • [dishes recommendation] sea duck egg shrimp balls and crab meat casserole

    Shrimp balls are refreshing and crab meat is fat

  • [dishes recommendation] golden blessing

    Meaning beautiful, selfie Online

  • [explosive Video] jiujiajiu's "king of sales" -- fish seed blessing bag

    Fish seed blessing bag

  • [dish recommendation] pork tripe chicken with fubag flower glue

    Autumn dry, nourishing soup

  • New product video | jiujiajiu "Four Heavenly Kings" sea duck egg beef balls

    Pulp explosion impact, q-bomb refreshing

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