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Uncover the secret! Jiujia jiuwanzi has been selling well for 26 years because

Date of publication:2021-12-10

Recently, I browsed the comment area of tmall flagship store and found
Many consumers feedback our products
Although delicious, it's a little expensive
The specifications are the same, and the surface looks similar
Other people's houses are cheaper


Because of different raw materials and formulas, the value is different
Over the past 26 years, Jiujia has always put product quality first
The choice of raw materials should pay attention to freshness, nutrition and health

Let me introduce you today
Some food raw materials are mainly used in our products


Natural wild goldfish

Goldfish generally live in waters of 50-300 meters
The requirements for salinity and water temperature are relatively high, so it is difficult to breed artificially


We are the raw fish of golden thread surimi
It is mainly fished from the Beibu Gulf of Guangxi
The goldfish there are far away from pollution and clean
The surimi products are delicious and taste good
Representative product -- flavor sea urchin Xiantao


QQ bullets, one by one

Low calorie nutrition Penaeus vannamei

Beibu Gulf fishing ground, one of the "four major fishing grounds in China"
A large number of seafood are caught ashore every day
Alive, waiting for people to choose


Fast lock fresh them to the production base
Will complete the transformation of their shrimp there
Representative product - GA Tiao crisp shrimp balls


Granular shrimp meat, clearly visible

Special food Beihai duck egg

It comes from Mangrove Natural Ecological Reserve in Beihai
Sea duck eggs are big, delicious and nutritious
It is known as one of the "top ten most influential specialties in Guangxi"


Salted sea duck eggs
Egg yolk sanding oil is used to make all kinds of delicious food
Representative product - sea duck egg and shrimp balls


The skin is elastic and crisp, and the filling is soft

National standard grade I non transgenic soybean

Our tofu skin is made of
National standard soybean (GB 1352) grade I soybean
It is oval, full particles and bright yellow color


The production area mainly comes from Northeast China
There is no unpredictable risk of transgenic in natural varieties
Representative product - fish seed blessing bag


The skin is thin and the filling is sufficient, which means beauty

Double 12 is coming
To thank consumers for their support
We specially applied for the preferential price for the event
Package with daily regular price of 78 yuan at 0-1:00 on the 12th
The limited time discount is 58 yuan, 68 yuan, and the second one is reduced by 30 yuan


A variety of superimposed discounts are waiting for you
Open the mobile phone tmall app and search "jiujiajiu"
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