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Repeat customers exceed 90%. These hot pot balls are worth a try!

Date of publication:2021-12-03


Fat cattle, tripe, meatballs

Potatoes, shrimps, Flammulina velutipes, goose intestines

It's time to make fun of "one word disagree"


There's always something in the fridge

You're shivering with cold when you come home from work

It only takes a few minutes

You can eat hot and delicious

So today jiujiajiu is specially prepared for you

These hot pot balls with a repurchase rate of more than 90%

For your reference


01——Sea duck egg shrimp balls

CCTV program special report, heavy new products in 2021


Tender shrimp balls

Bite off the loose sand filling in one bite

Between lips and teeth is the salty smell of egg yolk

▲CCTV program shooting gags

Two local specialty ingredients in Beihai are preferred

It is made of Penaeus vannamei and mangrove sea duck eggs

It tastes delicious and nutritious. It can be called "Beihai landmark food"

02——Fried beef balls

Innovative taste upgrade, hot pot shop drainage hot money


Addition of sea duck egg yolk

It breaks the taste of traditional beef balls

Deepen consumption memory and improve repurchase rate

03——Cod cheese bun

Patented product of invention, sales champion of tmall flagship store
[patent No.: ZL 2017 1 1445737.4]



QQ play and wire drawing

Feedback from customers on-site tasting

The pictures are not only reference, but also delicious and fun

04——Flavor Lobster Ball

Crisp and chewy, it tastes great and won five-star praise



Golden thread surimi + fish roe ≥ 70%

Make a creaking sound when chewing

You can feel the pleasure of fish seeds bursting in your mouth

05——Flavor sea urchin Xiantao

The delicate appearance of yellow and white is good to take photos


The head is pointed and the abdomen is bulging

It's full of stuffing

Gently bite the fresh and sweet soup

Then it poured out

06——Golden Zhixin Shao

Three layers of flavors are superimposed, with rich taste and amazing taste buds
[fish paste + sweet potato + cheese]


Golden fish pulp skin

Wrapped in soft cassava and flowing heart cheese

It's elastic, soft and fragrant


Hot pot balls above

It is sold in jiujiajiu tmall flagship store

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