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Carry forward Guangxi Guangxi cuisine culture, Jiujia has been acting for a long time!

Date of publication:2021-11-30

On the evening of November 18, the 4th Hepu culinary exchange competition of Haisi Road, supported by Guangxi culinary and catering industry association and jointly sponsored by the famous chef Committee of Guangxi culinary Association and Hepu county famous chef Committee of Guangxi culinary Association, was held in Dingxing Hotel, Hepu County. Hundreds of masters and famous chefs from hotels, restaurants and restaurants in Hepu County gathered together to exchange views and show their cooking skills, which brought a grand feast to the on-site audience.

Hepu County has a strong historical and cultural heritage. It is the departure port of the ancient "maritime Silk Road". Its characteristic Cuisine is well-known. Holding a cooking exchange competition can not only unite the chef team and exquisite skills, but also be of great significance to carry forward Guangxi cuisine culture and revitalize Hepu's catering and tourism industry.

▲Jiu Jiajiu's Representative - Manager Pei

As a well-known local food enterprise in Guangxi, jiujiajiu has also been personally supporting the development of local food culture. Over the past 26 years, we have been deeply cultivating seafood pills, constantly bringing forth the new, creating a variety of explosive products such as sea duck egg and shrimp balls, fish seed blessing bags, fried beef balls and so on, which has set off an upsurge in the market.

▲Jiujiajiu hot selling Explosive - sea duck egg and shrimp balls

▲Jiujiajiu hot selling Explosive - fish seed blessing bag

In this exchange competition, we can see that our products are not only the must-have items of hot pot, Guandong cooking, Malatang and other catering delicacies, but also the main beam in Chinese food and become the protagonist of various dishes, such as Jinshi Yingfu and golden soup fubag... With exquisite dishes and rich taste, we have won many high praise from the jury.

In the future, we will continue to expand the application of seafood balls in catering, exchange and learn from more colleagues who love cooking, promote each other, and contribute to the prosperity of Guangxi cuisine culture.